Steel Buildings

Centennial Contractors has partnered with Varco Pruden to provide high quality and customizable steel buildings.  Varco Pruden is a recognized authority on the manufacturing of steel buildings.

Imagine a facility that meets all your needs. One that reflects your business. One that is attractive to you, your employees, and your customers. With Centennial you can make this vision become a reality.

Cost Efficiency

Your facility is ready sooner, yielding a faster return on your investment. Durability reduces maintenance costs over the life of the building. Building is energy efficient for low heating and cooling costs. Non-combustibility means low insurance rates and high safety quotients.


We can design the building to meet your aesthetic requirements. Exterior walls can be finished in virtually any material. Interior finish can range from functional to elaborate.

Construction Time

Building materials are manufactured and delivered quickly. Components fit together precisely, so construction is fast and efficient. Pre-engineered components eliminate on-site fabrication and cut construction time.

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