Why Choose Centennial?

• A talented Union labor force.

• Laser screed machinery to pour flat floors as well as contoured paving.

• GPS equipment to accurately place sub-grade.


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As a much sought-after concrete contractor, Centennial has the resources to handle large jobs and the flexibility to perform smaller, more immediate projects. Our clients depend on us for expert work on:

  • Building Foundations

  • Commercial Walls

  • Parking Lots

  • Paving

  • Finished Floors

  • Subdivision Streets

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Centennial Contractors has worked on a variety of excavating projects in the Quad Cities and the surrounding area. In addition to our own projects, we are willing to bid our excavating services on a time & material basis for plumbers, general contractors, and other construction professionals.

A sample of our excavating projects includes:

  • General excavating

  • Building site work

  • Storm sewers


Centennial is dedicated to safety, as proven by our multiple safety awards, with the most recent being the Illowa Safety Award for 2017.

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